SlowMo Control

Video spinner is a full-fledged video zone that will leave a lot of unforgettable impressions. Classic selfies have become boring for a long time and become commonplace, but far from everyone in our country can boast of experience with a Selfie 360, so guests will certainly be delighted with the new device!

Price: 800 €
Download SM Control SM Control Instruction

Features of the program:
1. GoPro Wi-Fi Control
2. Russian / English interface
3. The choice of processing quality
4. 720p / 1080p
5. Slowdown control
6. Slowing down segments of the final video
7. The effect of “Boomerang”
8. Manage camera settings
9. Converting with overlay effects of the original video without recording from the camera
10. Battery charge check
11. Music overlay
12. Overlaying images, frames
13. Video overlay animation
14. Installing the screensaver BEFORE and AFTER
15. Support for weak Intel processors
16. Ability to launch the platform from a computer (when purchasing a transmitter)
17. Free software updates

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